Berwick Outdoor Experience

To broaden ones experiences in life by using teamwork to improve individual confidence and self-esteem.

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Given the current situation with the Covid virus we have made the decision to cancel the 2022 course. We are already looking forward to next year's course which will be held from the 12th to 20th of May. All registrations from 2022 will be carried over. Don't miss out on this great opportunity. Please use the "Contact" tab to send us an "expression of interest" for the 2023 course so that we can secure your spot. We will then be in touch with you prior to the start date.

What is the Berwick Outdoor Experience?

With well proven success over the past 30 years Berwick Outdoor Experience supports participants to realise the potential that exists within them. Some 1150 participants from all walks of life have tested their limits, and achieved personal goals beyond their imagination.

This not for profit course is open to individuals 18 years and older and aims to help people succeed in tasks which are set in a non-competitive, safe and supportive environment.

As part of a 10-person Watch (team) participants share experiences, and learn and build skills, that lead to a higher level of self-esteem. Skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Confidence
  • Initiative

For eight days, participants take part in:

  • First Aid
  • Tramping (including safety drills, carrying a pack, and overnight stays in a hut and a tent)
  • Abseiling
  • Kayaking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Orienteering
  • Goal setting and mental health management
  • Many other fun activities all within a team environment

This course is a mentally and physically challenging, which contributes to the level of achievement participants walk away with. A considerable number of past participants have made significant changes to their lives after completing the course, utilising the skills and knowledge gained from their 8 days at Berwick to further their careers and personal lives.

Our instruction team are dedicated, qualified, competent and above all have great empathy for the participants. The instructors volunteer their time, due to their firm belief in the positive outcomes and personal growth they see in participants.

Included in the course

First Aid
Basic first aid course is covered first and aimed at situations that may occur while outdoors.
Descending a cliff, working as a team, and gaining confidence in these situations.
Kayaking down the Waipori River.
Obstacles including nets, ropes, poles which test individual skills and encourage team work.
Initiative course
To encourage team skills with single objectives.
Locating strategic points by following a map.
The first day is a full day through native forest spending the night in a hut. Day two is full of fun activities followed by a night under canvas. Day three is a half-day return tramp from Lake Mahinerangi to Berwick.
Other Activities
Sports nights, climbing wall, morning & evening activities and the day to day involvement in camp life - cooking and cleaning.

What previous participants have said

"If anyone had told me what I was in for I would never have gone, but I would now recommend the Berwick Outdoor Experience to everyone"
"I often recall with pleasure, amusement and disbelief at events during the week. It certainly was an adventure to remember"
67 year old male
"It taught me how to trust other members of our team and that everyone has something to contribute. It has been a real confidence boost."
20 year old female

Prior to setting up the course in 1990, the Taieri Lions were continually receiving requests for financial assistance from people wanting to attend outdoor educational courses in various parts of the country. Members then realised that a very suitable facility was available within the Club's own area.

For Berwick Camp Bookings contact Jenny Scott Phone: +64 3 486 2837